[access-uk] Re: Windows Live Messenger.

  • From: "Ibrahim Gucukoglu" <ibrahim_gucukoglu@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 13:39:12 +0100

Hi Mandy.

Apologies, but it seems I was mistaken.  If you go to the share files button in 
a contact's window, find publish files online and then you'll be presented with 
two options, share files on windows live and share files using sharing folders. 
 You'll need to select the latter and if a sharing folder isn't in existence, 
follow the prompts to create one.  Remember that your contact at the other end 
has to accept the invitation to share files.

As for installing an older version of messenger goes, you'll only be able to 
obtain version 8.1 as this was the last standalone version released by 
Microsoft before it became part of the windows live installation routine and 
was installed using a different method.  As you know, you can only get the 
latest versions using the installer method.  System restore should only be used 
if you are experiencing system errors or frequent crashes etc, it should not be 
used to uninstall applications since it only tracks certain system component 

All the best, Ibrahim.

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      Hi Ibrahim .

  Sorry to be thick about this but please will you email me privately and give 
me a step-by-step explanation of this because the send a single file option 
seems to be just that - the other concerned with publish a file online or 
whatever it is just seems too complicated for words can I no longer just create 
a sharing file as before?  I removed live messenger altogether and tried to 
install an older version from oldversion.com but couldn't as was told to 
update.  I know on the oldversion.com site it mentions getting a patch from 
somewhere but I don't know where or whether I can do this.
  I thought of doing a system restore to take me back to when I had the older 
version but I've since downloaded a download manager programme that I don't 
want to lose and also updated to IE8 so figure system restore isn't a good 

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    From: Ibrahim Gucukoglu 
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    Hi Mandy.

    The option to create a sharing folder you'll find in the conversation 
window.  If you tab around to the share files button in the conversation 
window, you'll have two options, send a single file or photo and publish files 
online.  Go to the first one and sharing folder will be presented as an option 

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      Subject: [access-uk] Windows Live Messenger.

      I am using the latest Windows Live Messenger, Jaws 10 with latest update 
and for some reason I am unable to find the option to create a sharing folder.  
I was talking to someone about this and he has done it but I cannot.  This is 
something I have frequently done with other versions why might this be?


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