[access-uk] Re: Windows Live Messenger.

  • From: "Mandy" <mandy.MJC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 11:55:16 +0100

    Hi Ibrahim .

Sorry to be thick about this but please will you email me privately and give me 
a step-by-step explanation of this because the send a single file option seems 
to be just that - the other concerned with publish a file online or whatever it 
is just seems too complicated for words can I no longer just create a sharing 
file as before?  I removed live messenger altogether and tried to install an 
older version from oldversion.com but couldn't as was told to update.  I know 
on the oldversion.com site it mentions getting a patch from somewhere but I 
don't know where or whether I can do this.
I thought of doing a system restore to take me back to when I had the older 
version but I've since downloaded a download manager programme that I don't 
want to lose and also updated to IE8 so figure system restore isn't a good 

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  Subject: [access-uk] Re: Windows Live Messenger.

  Hi Mandy.

  The option to create a sharing folder you'll find in the conversation window. 
 If you tab around to the share files button in the conversation window, you'll 
have two options, send a single file or photo and publish files online.  Go to 
the first one and sharing folder will be presented as an option there.

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    From: Mandy 
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    Subject: [access-uk] Windows Live Messenger.

    I am using the latest Windows Live Messenger, Jaws 10 with latest update 
and for some reason I am unable to find the option to create a sharing folder.  
I was talking to someone about this and he has done it but I cannot.  This is 
something I have frequently done with other versions why might this be?


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