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Go to the help/about dialog box, I should mention that you'll find version 
numbers etc in most applications that way.

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  HI Ibrahim. How do I check on which version I have? 

  From: Ibrahim Gucukoglu 
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  Hi Sue.

  It is possible that the contacts tree is closed.  Tab around until you here 
tree view, then press the right arrow to open the tree and access your 
contacts.  Incidentally, the latest version of messenger is 9.0, the one before 
that was 8.5.

  All the best, Ibrahim.

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    From: Sue Morgan 
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    I've recently downloaded the latest version of Windows Live Messenger which 
I think is version 8.6.  In previous versions of Messenger, my list of contacts 
has always appeared when the focus was on Windows Live and I could cursor down 
the list to see who was online etc.  my contact list doesn't seem to be on this 
main screen now and I'm wondering if there's a quick way of getting into it 
without having to go into send instant message from the dropdown menus along 
the top of the screen and finding the contact from there.  I know it's just a 
small thing, but I liked it when the contact list was just there, and I could 
see who was online quite easily.

    Any suggestions on how to get around this?

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    Windows Live Messenger sue@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Skype suemorgan1006
    Mobile 07968825286


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