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But windows U does not launch narrator automatically? Or at least not in 7,
or did they change that? I thought it was win+u then alt+n?

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I pressed windows U when i judged it right to do so. each PC will restart a
few times and the only way you're really going to know when the time's right
is either listen for hard drive activity, or if you have an SSD and don't
have sighted help on hand give it around half an hour to an hour. worst case
sinario, even the slowest PC's should be upgraded within a couple of hours.
if unsure, leave it for quite a bit until you don't think there's anything
going on. the worst that can happen is you press windows U and nothing
happens, this means its not ready yet...


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OK so.

1. How did you launch narrator and more to the point.

2. 2. How did you know when to launch it? Just a little while after it

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Yes, in short the update will be downloaded in the backround and you'll be
notified when its ready to install. Yes, narrator works fine, i've just
upgraded my PC without any sighted help. I uninstalled all assistive
software apart from NVDA to ensure the upgrade went as smoothly as possible.
NVDA although it runs is not liked by windows10. you constantly get
notifications when it first starts up and you have to dismiss them that NVDA
is not compatible fully yet with windows10. it seems to have read most
things out so far though. if you have jaws 16, i'd recommend installing
that, I believe that may work better though I have not tried it. for the
majority of users, don't upgrade yet. there are doubtless things to be
ironed out still from an accessibility point of view. you could chance the
upgrade if you're running windows8 though, anything's better than that. the
interface is a lot better and a lot like windows7 now. You can force the
upgrade by going to the following page and downloading the media creation
tool. although its called the media creation tool, when you run it it'll
give you the option to either upgrade the existing computer you're working
on if its eligible which is the option i used, or create a DVD/USB drive
which is an installable copy of windows10. you'll need the relevant media at
hand to do this as files will be written when the download of the iso is
completed by the tool. the link is:




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I realise that I may not bee able to get windows 10 exactly today. What
slightly concerns me is that when clicking on 'get windows 10' app, I get
the following:

"Thank you for reserving your free upgrade

You're part of the largest software upgrade event ever, and your PC is
almost ready for Windows 10. We're rolling out the free upgrade in waves,
and we'll let you know when it's ready for you.

Watch for your notification so that you can start your upgrade."

That is followed by a slideshow, which shows you what the evarious stages of
the eupgrade will look like.

I have the following questions:

1. When the update is ready to download and install, will the
notification in the system tray change in any other way rather than just
visually? IE, will it say something else than 'get windows 10' or will it
change so when I click on it there will be ways to download/install it
rather than just this not particularly helpful slideshow?

2. Once the update is installed and it asks your basic setup
questions, are we able to launch narrator during this process? Is narrator
shortcut/s different in win 10?

Thank you.

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