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Do you also have problems in using the Jaws or Invisible cursors, as I do, in that they won't usually read anything (eg, if I'm checking so I can double click directly on a button that's not working properly).

I realise that it may be a video/colour issue but (not being sure) I just leave well alone and do my best to work around it.

Carol P

On 23/06/2016 11:55, Amro Bilal wrote:

Hi Jackie,

Are you talking JAWS? I've just upgraded and I'm finding JAWS not to be all that great with Windows 10. In addition to Edge, the mail client and the Windows Store being not accessible at all, I find JAWS to struggle with many other areas. For example, JAWS couldn't read all the combo-boxes of system settings I came across such as when trying to change Region and Language or customising the System Tray. Navigating Start Menu is very flimsy but this is perhaps because how Microsoft has designed it.

Have I got some display setting configured incorrectly or do other people have similar issues? If this is the case then FS should get their acct together and should not make a misleading claims such as that JAWS 17 can work perfectly with Windows 10.

Any advice is gratefully received.


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Hi Alison

I recently updated to Windows 10, and it is absolutely fine. I use Internet Explorer for browsing, and Windows Media Player for music. I can find what I am looking for, and it isn’t a big deal.

My problem was with Outlook 2016, but when I rolled back to 2013, everything settled. I share an Office 365 subscription with my husband, but his machine is running Office 2016 and seems to be ok.

I have configured our network, and my old printer works too, so give it a bash!

Kind Regards,

Jackie Brown

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Thanks for this.

So, other than perhaps having to learn a new lay-out, are there any other problems I am likely to encounter if we go over to Windows 10, for example, I’ve heard that Edge isn’t very screen-reader friendly, could I still use Internet Explorer?


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