[access-uk] Why in the subject line?

  • From: chairman@xxxxxxxxx
  • To: access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2005 08:22:34 +0100


Now, I am not sure why this is so.

I use Agent and have it set so that messages are saved by thread, i.e take
the subject line of my original message which says:

Why in the subject line?

any replies usually come back with the subject line showing:

Re: (listname) Why in the subject line?


(listname) Re: Why in the subject line?

Now, I note in the only Freelists groups to which I am subscribed,
(currently AccessUK and JawsUK) the listname comes first followed by the
Re: subject, with Yahoo,SmartGroups, the BCAB list, Topica and just about
all the other list providors with whom I have had any connection, so far as
I remember,  it is Re: (listname) subject.

In the case of Re: being first, Agent correctly puts messages together in
the same thread, but if the (listname) precedes the Re: I usually see the
first (initial) message alone often followed by other messages either alone
or in threads and then any replies in a thread.

I wonder, why the subject lines are treated differently, thus causing my
threading not to be so logical as I wish?

Even personal messages seem to be threaded correctly, so I suspect the
format is the culprit, not Agent's method.  I suppose there may be a
setting in Agent I could change for just those groups affected.

One way round would be dispence altogether with the list name from subject
lines but often people like to use this in filtering.  Agent looks as if it
is able to thread and filter without this but in the above example, it does
seem to be causing me problems.

Look forward to ideas to assist me make threading more logical.

I can have it sort by subject, wonder if this might help?  I'll look into
it but maybe somebody else who uses Agent can suggest a way?


All the best


Colin R. Howard.
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