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Why I hate Word - from a JAWS useryes Daman, it was designed for mouse users I 
think? i suspect that any screen reader users will have the same issues 
whatever  screenreader they use!



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  Microsoft Word is meant to be brilliantly accessible. And indeed you can tell 
that Freedom Scientific have put a lot of work into it to make it as accessible 
as possible, it being a fairly indispensible part of the software port folio in 
your average office. 

  Tables are accessible. You can increase font and change colours. You can 
alter margins, add page numbers, use hyperlinks, there's a hundred things you 
can do with it and they're all accessible. However, if you aren't a mouse user 
and can't whizz your way across the screen and appreciate the results once 
you've altered them, then it takes absolutely blinking ages to read and create 
documents that your sighted colleagues take minutes to create. 

  Want to make your heading a bit bigger? And perhaps embolden it too? Well if 
you're not too careful, you might accidentally do same to the text below it in 
a last minute change of heart about the content. Result: it looks 
embarrassingly rubbish. 

  Create a bullet point list and find yourself playing around with it for 
several minutes because you've got one too many bullet points and you can't get 
rid of the unnecessary bullet, or Word decides it wants to bullet point things 
that you didn't want. 

  The best most accessible documents are the ones you create. You know them, 
you know your way round them. But it's still difficult. The documents that your 
colleagues like the most because they're 'at a glance' user friendly, are the 
ones you find most difficult to access. 

  Access to Word is a myth because it's so time consumingly unusable. 

  When you launch Word it takes 20 seconds before a blank document opens, 
longer if you're clicking on a pre-existing document. There's so much lag and 
there's a lack of control that makes me want to scream. 

  So that's why I use Metapad and .txt files for as much of my work as 
possible, only transferring to Word if I need to spellcheck or format it in a 
fancy way. It's faster, unbelievably faster. Or that's my finding. 

  And yes, I have had Word training, I do understand how it works, but there's 
so much darn pussyfooting around when creating documents that I can't help but 
think there must  be a better way. 

  That's all I wanted to say. Do have a nice day. Xxx 

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