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Well I know for one thing I'd certainly be able to afford the KNFB reader! :D
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  ah if only it was 45 million each, that would solve my problems related to 
blindness except just wanting to see faces and places etc.


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    Hi Ibrahim

    Thanks for that. Now we just have to wait and see who qualifies and if we 
have to apply or if it is automatically awarded. I did hear that it would only 
apply to those with no "Useful" Vision, but I don't know how they will judge 
that. In the meantime, 
    "It will mean that people with severe visual impairment will receive an 
extra £45 million a year to assist with mobility costs."
    Wow, are we getting 45 million each!

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      Hi Ho everyone.

      Apologies for posting this to the list here, but I simply had to share 
this fabulous news which will I trust benefit all you DLA claimants.  This was 
forwarded  from my wife this morning who works at RNIB so get ready to punch 
the air *smile*:

      Government announces change to Disability Living Allowance rules for 
blind people 
      Announcement from Lesley-Anne Alexander, RNIB's Chief Executive: 

      I am absolutely delighted that the lives of thousands of blind people 
will be transformed by the Government's decision to change the rules for the 
Disability Living Allowance (DLA). It will mean that people with severe visual 
impairment will receive an extra £45 million a year to assist with mobility 

      Achieving this result is testament to RNIB's reputation as a first class, 
professional and effective campaigning organisation. I would particularly like 
to thank Helen Dearman, Steve Winyard and Colin Low for their determined and 
ceaseless efforts. I would also like to thank the Campaigns team and everyone 
else from within and outside RNIB who worked tirelessly to deliver this success 
for blind people. 

      On Tuesday night, during the Report Stage of the Welfare Reform Bill, the 
Government announced that it will introduce the changes for which we have been 
campaigning for over two and a half years. As the announcement has only just 
been made, we are working with Department of Work and Pensions Officials to 
pull information together regarding who will be eligible and how the changes 
will be introduced. The Campaigns Team will circulate this information to 
staff, RNIB Members, Campaigners and other organisations as soon as possible. 

      When we launched the DLA campaign in August 2006 we started from a point 
where neither the Government nor the Opposition Parties believed that this was 
an issue that they needed to even consider. We worked extremely hard to 
persuade Civil Servants within the Department for Work and Pensions that these 
changes should, and could, be made. 

      Whilst working behind the scenes with Officials, RNIB led a formidable 
Parliamentary Campaign, persuading hundreds of MPs from all Parties to support 
us. Most memorable were the two lobbies of Parliament in December 2006 and 
October 2008 that sent a clear message to MPs and Government that this was an 
issue about which we felt passionately and that we would not go away until the 
Government did the right thing. 

      I would once again like to thank everyone who took the time and trouble 
to support the campaign by writing letters to their MP and local newspapers. 
Together we have made a huge and lasting difference to the lives of people with 
severe sight loss.

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