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Yes, I feel the same about the BBC Iplayer situation. They do nothing realistic to make there programmes accessible.

On 19/09/2016 17:18, Andy (Redacted sender meikle.aiden for DMARC) wrote:

Hi John.
This is a great shame!
I've been using Alistairs Accessible programes for many years and now finding something on the BBC Iplayer website is extremely difficult for me.
In fact, I hardly attempt the task any more when as before I was always using the Accessible Television Iplayer, to catch up on Newsnight, Question Time and Escape to the Contenent.

Very best wishes and kind regards
Andy Logue.f
From Scotland with love.

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    It seems to be broken again. It was only fixed around two weeks
    ago but is back to not working again, probably due to the BBC
    instituting a message making you press buttons to say whether you
    have a TV licence or not.

    On 19/09/2016 14:49, jacob wrote:
    All webbie features work for me accept the TV Iplayer.
    Once I launch it all it does read a list of channels without
    stopping, as if I had hit read all in a loop,
    sure it is  me, but any tips?

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