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  • From: "Ankers, Dave (UK)" <Dave.Ankers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 09:16:15 +0100

Hi All,

My companies IT support department up to now only been available by
phone,  Now however, a fault can be logged online, and in a recent email
from them, they included the following:-

"Did you know that you can log and track Incidents online using the 5858
Online application. Simply go to the IT matters homepage, and click the
red button at the top of the page (5858 Online). Once into the
application, you can either log a new Incident by selecting the 'Create
a New Incident' option or enter and existing Incident number into the
field which says 'An Incident Number' within the 'Look up my existing
support requests section'"

Well, I went to the web page, and initially the page contains a search
form field, whereby you can enter keywords relating to the issue, in
order to search a database for a solution.  This is fine and if you
haven't already done so or contacted someone else regarding the matter
then that's what you do.

However, if you select the "Create a new incident" link, which one would
normally expect to open a form into which details of the issue can be
entered, No! it takes you to the search to database for a solution
screen again! on the premise you haven't already done this before.

Now calling IT support is normally the last resort, and when you keep
being sent round in circles, one gets quite frustrated, and what's the
point of having a link called "create a new incident" when all it does
is return to the search database screen.

I contacted IT support, and raised a fault, saying that their "create a
new incident" link was not working.  The answer, it has been set up so
that five searches of the database need to be performed, before it will
display the actual form to enter the issue details!  Now is it me???

I thought good practice for web design was to enable the user to access
the required page within two clicks!
All this does is frustrate the hell out of me and pick up the phone.
Naturally it isn't the person on the other end of the phones fault, the
system is set up that way (you never can find out who actually did) but
they do work for that company so one tends to let some steam off!

The same company sends out requests to complete surveys of their
services.  Only problem, the survey includes a statement and contains
check boxes such as you strongly agree, agree, etc, and what does JAWS
say? "Radio button not checked" that's all, really useful, yep, I have
also reported this too, aren't their laws in place to make these
companies make their web pages accessible?

If you know of them please let me know, and please, no companies touting
for business. 



Dave Ankers

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