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  • From: "Philip Martin" <p.martin13@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 00:11:03 -0000

Hi all,
A cautionary tale that may save some of you a bit of frustration.
I am using Wayfinder GPS on a Nokia 6600 and Talks. My problem is with service providers. It would appear that not all the providers can support the GPRS needed by Wayfinder. I was with O2 on contract and changed to O2 pay as you go. This did not work for reasons that are still not clear to me, as there is WAP and GPRS on the pay as you go service. I then got and attractive price for a contract from 3, who also use the O2 network, but it turns out do not offer GPRS. Fresh, from Carphone Warehouse, who also use the O2 network, do not offer GPRS either.
Most of the contracts offer a new phone, but I am very happy with my existing phone and it would cost another £50 to move Talks.
I have wasted a lot of tine over this, but what annoys me is that none of the sales persons, who were all asked about GPRS, came up with the correct information.

IF anyone has any ideas about the least expensive way of using Wayfinder by a modest phone user, who has little use for text messages, I would be pleased to hear from them.

Philip Martin

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