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Hi Saqib

I was told that Vista is so memory hungry that it would be deemed too slow for 
something like the current crop of Netbooks.  Try by all means though. 

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Maybe you will be able to use Vista but the guy in Curry's said to me that 
Vista would be too slow on the NC10.  Maybe he meant with the 1GB RAM.

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        Hi. Is it possible to install Vista on a netbook? I'm thinking of 
getting a netbook and want to use Vista on it. I know I'll have to increase the 
RAM to 2GB to get a decent performance out of it but I don't know if these 
Netbooks are built to have Vista installed on them. I will be browsing for a 
netbook and the Samsung NC10 will be amongst my thoughts. I think it will be a 
toss up between the NC10 and the Advent 4213 which is a mobile broadband 
netbook as it has a simcard slot. Both machines are priced the same at £322.96. 


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