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  • Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 19:33:02 +0100

To start with, yes.  The F & J locator keys.


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Even touch typists would have to have something to actually
feel, right?

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        Yeah, George, agree. But I was thinking that maybe
some ideas could be introduced to make the VKB more useable.
I kind of understand how it works; though I haven't tried it
so can't be so sure. But how about projecting the virtual
keyboard on, say a thin rubber sheet, which resembles a
tactile keyboard? That will give the user something to
touch, and it will remain easier just to roll up the rubber
sheet and carry it around than a foldable keyboard.
        Don't mean to rant *G*, just want to share some

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                I would say there is absolutely no chance
whatsoever of anyone without vision being able to use this
device.  Let me try to explain.
                It works rather like a tiny film or slide
projector, in that it projects a picture of a keyboard onto
the desk.  You then type directly on to the desk.  Sensors
pick up finger movements, and relay them back through the
device to your PC or whatever.
                All that for around $200, or about £120.
                I wouldn't suggest too many people on this
list put it on their Christmas wish list, or they'll be in
for a big disappointment.


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                Thought many of you would find this
                Not sure how user friendly for a VI user
this device is as it is, but I'm sure if it's not, that many
good ideas will develop soon to make it more usable for us.
                Anyone is welling to take the plunge to try
it out?! *Smile*



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