[access-uk] Re: VISTA and recording with GoldWave

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  • Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2008 19:30:23 +0100

This not being able to record in Vista seemingly doesn't bother a lot
of folk.  I wonder, is it that others have found the way around it but
are keeping quiet in case Microsoft's listening?  Maybe they don't
want to own up to recording stuff this way, but for personal use I
don't see the problem.  You've had no reply from the Goldwave people

Wonder too if Apple users are faced with the same sort of thing.  If
they don't, then it Sure is one reason one might consider switching to
the Mac!

I'll be interested too to see if this post makes it as all my attempts
to reply to Jamie's post re. RNIB and web radio boxes simply don't
make it to the list.  (I've sent Jamie a copy of this unseen message
to this list personally.)


From Ray
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Andy Logue
Subject: [access-uk] Re: VISTA and recording with GoldWave

Hi Ray.

I followed the instructions, but unfortunately , it did not assist me
Caroline told me to go into Sound/Recording and look for other
devices.  I
did this but only got one more Line-In function, associated to the
computer's internal card.

I've got my Soundblaster set as the default and I can listen to the
Player and listen to music files using GoldWave, but as yet, I cannot
find a
way of getting GW to record audio streams.

This is so frustrating and disappointing Ray.  If I cannot resolve
issue, I'll need to consider removing VISTA and installing XP Media

Best wishes.


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From: "Ray's Home" <rays-home@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Sunday, March 30, 2008 1:07 PM
Subject: [access-uk] Re: VISTA and recording with GoldWave

> So, Andy, and anyone using Vista wanting to record streaming audio,
> will you give James's suggested changes to sound settings a try and
> tell us if you can then record streams using Goldwave or another
> editor?
> From Ray
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> mailto:ray-48@xxxxxxxx
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> James O'Dell
> Subject: [access-uk] Re: VISTA and recording with GoldWave
> Andy
> Try this info.  I'm not a Vista user myself, but understand that you
> can
> record 'what you hear'.
> *** start of copied text ***
> go to, control panel (classic view) - sound - recording tab - right
> click in
> the white area - select 'show disabled devices' - right click on
> stereo
> mix - select 'enable'
> now you can use any progam you like e.g. audacity to record what you
> hear.
> *** End of copied text ***
> Hope this is useful, sorry I can't provide any specific instructions
> on how
> to achieve this with a screenreader.
> James
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> From: "Andy Logue" <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: [access-uk] Re: VISTA and recording with GoldWave
>> Hi Douglas.
>> Same here mate.  I have a lovely new crispy VISTA computer yet I'm
> using
>> my really old Packard Bell to record radio shows tonight.  I really
> do
>> hope that VISTA is not going to prevent me from using GoldWave and
>> recording "What you Hear".  I'm waiting on some advise from the
> experts in
>> this regard, but my gut feeling is that copywrite is so important,
> they
>> will only now allow you to listen and not record just about
>> coming through your computer..
>> I really do hope I'm proven wrong here as recording audio is a very
> big
>> part of my interest in computing.  without this function, then
> is
>> little in computing for me I'm thinking.  If you manage to get
> around this
>> problem, please let me know about it eh?
>> Very best wishes.
>> Andy.
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>> From: "Douglas Harrison" <harrison1d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> To: <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Sent: Saturday, March 29, 2008 7:41 AM
>> Subject: [access-uk] Re: VISTA and recording with GoldWave
>>> Andy,
>>> I have only been using vista for a relatively short time, but I
> have had
>>> problems recording
>>> (even via the microphone) with Goldwave.   I have had error
> messages such
>>> as "Access
>>> violation" etc. from time to time, and have reverted to doing all
>>> recording on an XP system
>>> until I have time to sort out whether there is really a problem
> with
>>> Goldwave and Vista.
>>> Douglas
>>> On 28 Mar 2008 at 23:51, Andy Logue wrote:
>>>> Hi all.
>>>> I'm experiencing some difficulty getting VISTA and my
> 24
>>>> bit
>>>> external sound card to record "What you hear".  I regularly
> from
>>>> BBC Radio Scotland and would hate to think that VISTA is intent
>>>> prevent
>>>> me from being able to do this.
>>>> Would love to hear from anyone using VISTA with GoldWave.
>>>> Best wishes.
>>>> Andy

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