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Hi Brian, 

I am not a committee  member of Vics Ireland but from a member's viewpoint I 
speak, I found your contributions to "the day" very informative and interesting 

You answered questions following your delivery in the morning from the floor 
good and took time afterwards in the afternoon with your demoing with great 
attention to answering  all of us gathered around, (including my possibly many) 
with great courtesy indeed! 

Trust you and your assistant, Robbie enjoyed Cork! 

Call again. 

By the way George I have no shares in that company!! 

Really! really!!

 Wish I had!! 

Thanks again 

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  Just a quick note to say that if anyone is attending the Visually Impaired 
Computer Society of Ireland Technology Day taking place tomorrow, Saturday, I 
look forward to meeting you there and demonstrating the very latest versions of 
our products to you, including J-Say, Say-MAGic, J-Tunes, J-Tools, etc.  You 
can also see the latest version of typeAbility which we have localised for UK 
and Australian English and which has new and improved features.

  We also have JAWS 10, the new iPod Nano, the Pac Mate, lots of good things to 
demonstrate and talk about.



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