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Hi Ray,

I have two printers which can print CDs.  An Epson Photo
R300 and a Canon Pixma IP4200.

Both come with software, but it does tend to be fairly
graphical, so you may need someone to help you with the
design.  Actual printing requires inserting the CD into a
special holder, and then placing the holder into the printer
in a specific way, and lined up to special marks.  With a
minimum of modification to add tactile marks, it's quite

I chose those printers because they use separate ink tanks
for the colours.  The Canon has two blacks and three colour
tanks, the Epson has Black, Yellow, Light & dark Magenta and
Light & dark Cyan.

From my sighted perspective, the Epson software is better,
but the printer will only print into paper single sided,
where the Canon is a Duplex.

Both cost under £100, and in my view are/were excellent

I also have a Philips Lite-Scribe CD/DVD burner which,
together with Nero, prints directly on to special
Lite-Scribe CDs and DVDs. It's produced a greyscale image
onto a gold coloured surface, and actually looks quite


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Maybe a little off-topic, but I wondered if anyone has
bought a printer able to print directly onto printable Cds?

I'd like to know if the printers come with software to allow
this to be accomplished with the minimum of alignment etc.
In other words I'm after an easy solution to making a good
job of printing directly on printable CDs.  Makes and models
greatly appreciated, and off-list replies welcomed if it is
thought a bit OT here.


From Ray
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