[access-uk] Upgrading a Dell laptop to Vista Premium

  • From: "G. McFarlane" <gmcf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <blindtech@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2007 01:35:20 -0000

I'm not sure where to post this but hope you'l forgive double posting.
I recently bought a Dell laptop which was vista upgradable. I had to downgrade 
the operating system to Windows XP Home edition - it originally came with Media 
Centre - as my standard version of Jaws would not work with Media Centre. I 
asked at the time if I could upgrade to Vista Premium and was told I could, but 
now when I check with Dell, as my machine has XP home edition loaded they will 
only upgrade to Vista Basic. I've complained frequently and today was told I 
would have to accept it. It appears also if I insist on going for Premium I can 
get no discount on the basis of a Basic upgrade.  I'm looking for advice on my 
best way forward. Jaws now supports Premium and I wish to end up with this. 
Dell are suggesting that I take advantage of my Vista Basic upgrade for £36 
then purchase the Vista Premium upgrade from them at £155. I expect to pay 
quite a lot for the upgrade but this seems higher than expected.
What I wihs to know is:
if I wish o take advantage of Dell's structure on hard disk e.g. the go back 
facility, the system drivers, etc. - I will have o go with the Dell upgrade. (I 
would prefer to do this as it works well.) Can I however upgrade to my allowed 
Vista Basic then buy a standard Premium upgrade and still keep these Dell 
If I were to buy a standard Premium upgrade and overwrite the current XP Home 
would I still have access to the Dell structure?

Also if I were to go for my allowable upgrade package to Basic then buy Dell's 
upgrade from Basic to Premium would I be able just to bypass the Basic 
installation, go straight to Premium and input it's relevant codes and the 
basic codes for confirmation of purchase or would I have to go through the 
whole upgrade rigmarole?

Sorry for these question - clarity is necessary. I've spent a lot of time on 
the phone to Dell with little help. It seems that now I've bought my machine 
unless I fit in with their rules they're not interested - even in giving me 
Thanks for any advice.
Gordon McFarlane
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