[access-uk] Re: USB soundcard suggestions?

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Hi Orhan.

I have been using the Creative Soundblaster 24 bit external Card, for a couple 
of years now and it's great.  The card has an optic out, so you could purchase 
an AV unit from Richard sounds.  I got a Yamaha unit for £120.  This allows me 
to play all my music from my computer, via the soundcard to the Yamaha and I 
can get 100 watts.  To be honest I no longer use my hi-fi, it's just so much 
easier to use my computer.  

Yes, I'd go with Creative no problem.

Best wishes.


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  Hi all,
  I have found that increasingly, my onboard soundcard decides to crash. I 
would like to buy a good external soundcard, which as geared to heavy music 
listening, heavy computer using, and some gaming. I am looking for USB 
soundcard suggestions, and may buy a creative soundcard. The soundcard has to 
be pritty standard, stereo mix, line-in jacks, ya know.I am looking to spend 
from 70 british pounds to 100 british pounds. Please don't get this confused 
with dollars because something you buy in the UK for 50 pounds equals about 100 
dollars, but you could buy that item in the states for about 50 US  dollars. 
I'm not that concerned about prices, so makes and model numbers will come 
first, and i'll investigate here in the UK the prices.

  Thank you for your assistance in this matter,

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