[access-uk] Re: URL for new TESCO access site wanted

  • From: "Gary Robinson" <gary.r@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 28 May 2006 17:13:28 +0100

        Hi Jim (and Andy),

Many thanks for the information, I'll have a go.
I still think it's a pity they don't publicise the existence of the site before 
you sign up as a lot more people would be aware of it if they did.


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  Hi Gary,

  I had the same problem, I used my explorer favourites to log in to Tesco and 
found myself on a page to register the new access site. Having registered, it 
still took me back to the same page the next time I logged on. To access the 
new site, firstly, make sure you have registered to go to the new access site 
by following the instructions on the page you land on if you use 
tesco.com/access. Once you have registered, the new address is 
tesco.com/superstore. Find the log in field and enter username and password, 
you will go into the new site. Good luck, but from first trials, I find it to 
be  very accessible and better than the old site. Having said that, I found a 
lot of my favourite items were missing and I had to go through the search for 
products again. A couple of things to watch out for though, the add to basket 
button is at the top of the page, so if you press B for button after selecting 
your products, it won't take you to the add to basket button like it did 
before, you have to press control and home to get back to the top of the page 
and then press B. Also, the search for products is at the bottom of the page 
and isn't easy to find as a link, do a jaws find and search for search and you 
will find it.


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    Subject: [access-uk] URL for new TESCO access site wanted

    Hi all,
    I know it appeared on the list a week or two back but i've deleted the 
messages as I assumed(wrongly) that it would be easy to get from the main 
TESCO.COM site - not so!




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