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Hi Andy, it should do, but nothing is ever as simple as that. At the moment
I couldn't say for certain, so will try to check this out and get back.


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John - can I ask about spell checking in emails please. Using spell check in
office 2007 gives me English UK spellings, but spell checking when writing
emails tries to correct English spellings to US spellings. I did think both
programmes used the same settings, but it would appear not. So, how do I
correct this?
Thanks -

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If the language in MS Office 2007 is defaulting to US English then it is
possible that the default language in Windows is US English as Office
normally takes the default display language as its setting. Anyway, to
answer your first question, to change the language setting in Office 2007:
1. Open Word as normal;
2. Hold down the Alt key and press t and then release  these keys, then
press o. The options dialog should open;
3. Scroll down the tabs until you get to 'language', then tab once and JAWS
should announce the 'default language'. If this is UK English then fine, but
if it is US English, then down or up arro until you get to UK English;
4. If there are no other options, i.e. UK English then you need to tab once
to the 'add additional editing languages' where you should find UK English;
5. Once the UK English option is the 'default', then click 'OK' or 'Apply'
as necessary.
I don't know which operating system you are using, but if it is Windows 7,
then check the following before completing the above steps to change the
language option in Office:
1. Press the 'Windows' key and type 'region' in the search box and choose
region and language from the list;
2. The dialog box that opens should focus on the formatting language option,
on mine it is UK English, but it may be that yours says US English, if so,
then arrow up the list to UK English and then click on 'Apply';
3. Tab to the tabs and right arrow to the 'Locations' tab, tab once and the
focus should be on the 'current location' which should be United Kingdom',
if not, then choose United Kingdom and click 'Apply';
4. Tab to the tabs and right arrow to 'Keyboards and languages' tab. Tab
once and your focus will be on 'change keyboards ...' button. Press enter on
this button;
5. The focus should be on the default input language which should be
'English (United Kingdom), if not, then again, choose it from the list and
then press 'OK', then on the dialog box that appears tab to 'Apply' and
press enter;
6. Press 'OK' on any other dialog boxes that appear until you are back to
desktop, then reboot the system (it may be that Windows prompts you to do
this anyway).
Following the steps above and a reboot, check the Office 2007 default
language settings as described at the top of this message and amend if
Hope this helps, but if you have any problems just let me know.

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Could someone kindly tell me how to make my spellchecker in office 2007
default to the UK one, for some reason it is using the USA one.


Many thanks.



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