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  • From: "Sandra Henshall" <oceania@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2008 12:14:59 +0100

Hi folks,
For anyone who's interested, I've pasted below the blurb from the Humanware website. The brochure is also available if anyone wants it.


Trekker Breeze
The easy all-in-one handheld talking GPS for people who are blind or low vision. HumanWare introduces the very simple and affordable GPS for people who are visually impaired. As simple as your TV remote, Breeze can be controlled by one hand. It verbally announces names of streets, intersections and landmarks as you walk. No need to stop passersby to know where you are... simply press a button and Breeze tells you your location on the spot. When you are in a vehicle, Breeze announces all intersections,
allowing you to exit when you want.
Imagine doing your neighborhood chores freely without having to always depend on other people, without having to count your steps or always worrying about getting lost... Breeze tells you where you are, where you are going and what is around, such as stores and public services. You can get more out of your neighborhood.... A new
world awaits you!
Just listen and Breeze will tell you where you are and are going!
Trekker Breeze provides you with:
Greater independence: You can move more on your own. No need to stop passersby to
know where you are or to ask a bus driver for the next stop.
The ability to quickly become familiar with new routes. You can be confident with
Trekker Breeze in your hand.
The ability to discover and benefit more from your environment.
Trekker Breeze lets you:
Always know where you are and where you are going on foot or in a vehicle
Know what is around in your location (public services and businesses)
Easily retrace your steps if you get lost. Simply push a button.
Record the routes when you learn them with sighted people so that you can use them
later without assistance.
Record landmarks along your route, for example to get to your favorite restaurant
or a friend's house.
Get the step-by-step instructions from start to end.
Just as easy to use as your TV remote.
Small, discreet and well designed
Single-hand operation with large, distinctive buttons
Direct buttons to functions & intuitive interface
Quick volume adjustment with volume wheel
Built-in highly sensitive GPS
Built-in speaker
Secondary external speaker
Built-in human sounding text-to-speech
Eight hours of battery life
Integrated help
Shoulder strap and carrying case for secure transportation
Size: 5x2x1 inches
Weight: 7 ounces

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