[access-uk] Re: Transferring MP3 Files from PC to iPod

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  • Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2009 07:19:13 +0100

Hi Gordon

Which is why a little basic info in the beginning would be such an advantage. 
But half or less of the groundwork gives defective answers.

Strangely enough my youngest has an ipod and I have no problems with it doing 
it the way I said. 

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  Rog, there you have it mate - the problem is itunes working with windows not 
transferring .mp3 files which as you correctly say can be moved to any 
removable media using windows exploder.   What the original poster never said 
is if the end user has an Apple machine running itunes - in which case plug in 
the ipod and within the files menu select sync then sit back and Robert, as 
they say, is your mother's brother!

  The difficulty begins when you try and do the simple thing on a windows box 
and that is why friends I am sitting on an Apple mac book and have an ipod 
nano.   :-)



  From glorious Devon, England.

  On 1 Jun 2009, at 17:08, ELEANOR BURKE wrote:

    What then Roger is the need from other contributors who say it would be 
helpful if they had the name of the iPod and tht to know about iTunes is 
necessary.  I think my friend must know about iTunes because she does listen to 
music on the playher.

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