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Craig Bellamy strikes again.  Referee!
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  Hi John

  >It is much easier to follow with top posting; if the person thinks it is
  >necessary to add context from an earlier note , then addict, with  lines
  >saying "quote start" and "quote en".

  The only problem  with quoting, is when there is far too much  quoted.

  Top-posting makes posts incomprehensible.
  Because  In normal conversations, one does not answer to something that has
  not yet been said. So it is unclear to reply to the top, whilst the original
  message is at the bottom. also  consider a book is normally read from top
  to bottom. Top-posting forces one to stray from this convention: Reading
  some at the top, skipping to the bottom to read the question, and going back
  to the top to continue.

  I think  the real reason why  some people like top posting they are
  too  lazy to  cut and  snip irrelevant text.
  Do most blind people eat there dinner with their fingers, on the grounds
  it's easier  than using a knive and fork?

  So just because  a task is easer,  doens t make it  better.

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