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Hi Trace, I can only echo your comments in respect of trying to use Thunderbird. I would also add that the navigation keys appeared to create problems and garbled messages were too frequent an occurrence for me to rely on this as my email client.

Of course one size does not fit all and others will have other views and say that Thunderbird works for them. It is a good thing that there are a few options out there for us and whilst perhaps we may have to compromise on some aspects of an email client we can still use email despite compromises if pushed. Cheers CJ.
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Spring Flower wrote:
for me, it won't read messages correctly, i can't focus on to a link, can't find out for the life of me how you add someone to your address book, get a scripting error if i try to save anything, shall i go on? lol

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    Exactly what is inaccessible with Thunderbird? I think it is very

    On 19/11/11 1:30 PM, hotscot wrote:

    Hi guys, Trying to make Thunderbird a little more accessible to
    Jaws. I'm running windows7 and Jaws12.

    This Thunderbird email client does not seem to be very accessible
    to screen readers at all.

    Is there any steps I can take to make it so?.

    Any help in this matter, would be appreciated indeed,


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