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  • From: "Paul Benson" <paul.benson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2014 17:34:52 +0100

Hello Colin and all, 

Guiltless Guide user suggests: 

It is very easy for a Guide user to manually override the automatic processes 
initiated when replying to an email. It is possible a Guide user has not 
explored all of the options available, or perhaps they know but are not 
prepared to take the few seconds to remedy matters. 

For any Guide user on this list wishing to assist with trimming subject lines, 
simply do the following: 

#1. Before sending the email, select the option: "View or change email 

#2. When Guide announces, "Email sent to", press the escape key, leaving the 
address unaltered. If confirmation of the address is required, press the, 
number 1, key and once the address has been confirmed, press the escape key. 

#3. Guide will next read out the subject line. The cursor will be placed at the 
end of the line, so repeated pressing of the, f4, key, will loop the cursor 
backwards along the subject line. Stop when the word, "colon", is read out. 

#4. Hold down the backspace key until all text to the left of the colon on the 
subject line is deleted. 

#5. Now type in the word, "Re", and press the escape key. 

#6. Now the email message will be read out, simply press the escape key 
followed by the enter key and the email will be sent. 

So simple that even I can manage it, Q.E.D! 

Paul Benson. 

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Ok when we only have it once but often, if somebody replies to a post with
"bulk" at the start of their subject line, we get another "bulk" and if they
reply to a response to this, yet another "bulk" I reckon I've seen at least
one post can't remember to which group, with about half a dozen "bulk" in
the subject.

I also wonder why, especially from users of the guide software, when they
reply to a post we see at the head of their subject line, instead of the
usual "Re:" "In reply to" which again, spawns additional "In reply to" being
added.  Makes the subject line eventually totally unuseable.

Something else I would dearly like to see removed, I know this is possible
as there are settings to change, is "Sent from my . . ." which is fine first
time, but when we read it at the end of every post, it does get somewhat
gawling, especially when seen several times in a message reply string.
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