[access-uk] Re: The Virgin Trains thread that went off track!

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Scuse my ignorance on wireless communication, but Dave suggests using
Blue Tooth as a means of getting menus, passenger info, etc. to
passengers, and in the context of our needs.

Would this actually be Blue Tooth, or maybe Wi-Fi?  Either way, if it
would work, then seems a good idea to me;  but am I missing something


From Ray
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Ankers, Dave (UK)
Subject: [access-uk] Re: The Virgin Trains thread that went off track!

Please accept my apologies too.  Will try to stay on topic, only life
would be so boring without a bit of harmless banter and imagination.
Back on topic, hands up all those who own a phone equipped with
Bluetooth! yes loads of you, well, what if the train companies and
other companies for that matter, made available Bluetooth downloads of
menus and other services so you could hear them through your phone,
it cost nothing.


My sincere apologies everyone for the banter between a few of us
of which I was a part, that went off track in the midst of a thread
about Virgin Trains.  Nice though it is to share a bit of harmless fun
on an otherwise extremely dreary day, I appreciate this is a list for
access technology and, as such, should remain on topic at all times.

Hands up! sorry! (smiles).


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