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Andrew - You wrote that you just connect it to the phone socket to do the 
upgrades - I don't have any wireless connectivity here, would it be possible to 
download whatever I need for the IPlayer on to my PC from the internet, then 
upload it to the IPlayer?

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  You would need to have a phone extension.  The Iplayer does not have an 
Ethernet socket - just a phone socket and a USB socket for connecting it to a 
wireless card or other accessories.  If you had a router you could do it 
wirelessly if you had a wireless router and USB card in the Iplayer, I don't 
use this however as I just connect it to a phone socket every few months to do 
the upgrades on it etc.





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  Hi all -


  I understand that the IPlayer is blind friendly, and can receive the 
Audiodescription service, and has an Ethernet connection for upgrades, and 
programme guides etc.


  Unfortunately, I don't have a phone socket in the same room as my TV, and My 
PC is also in another room!


  I don't think my PC has an Ethernet socket, but not sure, as I don't know 
what these sockets look like, and although I'm on ADSL, my router doesn't seem 
to be a router in the conventional sense, it only has one USB connection for 
the PC, and no other inputs/outputs.


  Does anybody know how I might go about occasionally connecting the IPlayer to 
the internet given my circumstances?





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