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Hi all there is a podcast on the kindle at www.frequencycast.com. At 11:42 28/09/2010, you wrote:


This of course, is incorrect. Over half the books have TTS enabled, so it is certainly worth buying, and I have ordered mine.

What you can't do is buy books on the device itself, but once you buy them on the PC, they automatically appear on the device without you downloading. It is a very slick device that needs work on accessibility, but I am certainly excited by it, considering some six millin books or so are on there from what I have heard.

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Hi Sharon
From what I've heard you can use the Kindle now, i.e navigating the menues and things, but the problem is there is still the problem of the books not being able to be read out because of the publisher restrictions, so it is not really worth buying.

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