[access-uk] Re: The Inaccessible Herts Society for the Blind Web Site

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The Herts inaccessible website problem may well be down to MS Word having been 
used to create the page, according to one commentator on another list.

This sort of thing will be well known to those who conbtribute so knowledgably 
to the blind webbers list.  To me it simply points up the arrant nature of some 
people who sell or offer their services as website designers, but who cannot, 
and will not get to grips with propper XHTML page coding, and probably have the 
brass nerve to dismiss people who know what they are doing as pedants or nerds.

Trouble is that these people are too readily believed by some in the vol sector 
and else where.

I can echo Brian Hartgen's commnets re. being able to mouse around the site in 
question;  in my case with Window-Eyes, not JFW, but as he points out, the 
links are not actually revealed as such.

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From: "brian hartgen" 

| Hi John
| As has been suggested, I do think you need to contact Julie Howell from RNIB 
| about this site which is very difficult to use.  Because I love using the 
| Internet, I will try to get around any site I can with a screen-reader, but 
| this one is certainly a challenge.
| When I had a brief look, none of the leading screen-readers worked well on 
| this site. However, my primary screen-reader I use is JAWS, and although 
| JAWS reported the same number of links as you suggested on the home page, 
| clearly when arrowing down there were items which were meant to be links but 
| were not showing up as such.  Clicking on these with the jaws cursor did get 
| me to the pages I wanted, but this is not acceptable and the page should be 
| rendered correctly in the screen-reader's virtual cursor mode or equivalent.
| Downloading a news-letter did not give me much information either.  As you 
| say, this is a protected word document with approximately 150 objects and 
| several fields.  The status of the protection is "form fields only", meaning 
| that you can only type into edit fields should they appear in the document.
| I tried to unprotect the document, and could not because it required a 
| password.
| Best of luck with RNIB, let us know how things go.
| Brian Hartgen
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| MSN:  brian@xxxxxxxxxxx
| SKYPE:  brianhartgen
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