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  • From: Ian Macrae <ian.macrae@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2013 13:23:19 +0000

thanks for that very useful update Pete.  I'll be contacting the developers 

Ian Macrae
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On 5 Dec 2013, at 13:03, pete gurney wrote:

hi ian,

i only heard from the developers the week before last saying they haven't
obtained the necessary clearancees yet to allow them to supply it to people
in the UK and Europe but they are actively working to get the permission as
soon as possible.
the way i understand it is that it will automatically tell you things like
bus numbers, street names, and shop names as it sees them but if you want
it to read say a box or bottle on a shop shelf you just point at the
i think there are various hand signals you can use to obtain different
plus you can teach it  the faces of people you know so that if you are say
walking through the shopping centre and a friend is walking towards you it
will tell you they are approaching you.
you can also use this in situations for example when you have arranged to
meet someone in say a pub, cafe or train station and if you rotate in a
full circle and the person is already there it will say their name when you
are actually facing them.
the thing they didn't make any response to when i asked them is that the
first 500 units were sold for 2500 U.S dollars and was said to be an
introductory offer, there now going to ship the second 500 units this month
again for 2500 dollars but my question to them was would people in the UK
be able to purchase the unit for the same price as as it is a product
specifically made for blind and partially sighted people and therefor it
wouldn't be liable for vat or were they going to price the unit differently
for us over here.


something like this is already being developed in Israel and I was supposed
to get a unit for trial in September.  but as is often the way with these
things, production schedules seem to have slipped.  As I understand it, it
will read any information while you're out and about including shop signs,
info boards, bus numbers etc and will also tell you pretty much  what
anything you're looking at is.

Ian Macrae

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