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How are you and Martin thought of sharing the one guide dog. I have heard of 
couples doing this. That would then get over some of your issues of Martin 
waiting and also of Matan being unsure if a guide dog is what he wants at the 

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> On 5 Dec 2013, at 14:20, "Jackie Brown" <thebrownsplace@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Yes Vince, I agree.  And something else these electronic toys don't give you
> is the character and fun a dog does.  This girl of mine is as mad as her
> owner, and you just can't substitute the loyalty and affection she has
> brought to both mine and Martin's lives.
> I suppose I would just feel kind of depleted in some way if I stepped out
> without a cane or a dog for guidance.  It's fine in a place I know well like
> the house, but to go for a walk or shopping would be really weird without
> something in my hand to guide me.
> Nice one!
> Kind regards,
> Jackie Brown
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> Skype: Thejackmate
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> I like the idea of this Eyecam, but only as a secondary aid. My dog has one
> quality that none of this technology has, and that is intelligence. He's
> smart enough to guide me through some very tricky environments, and he's
> only young yet. He's great at walking after dark, too, and I wonder whether
> these cameras are OK in very dark conditions. He doesn't speak yet, though I
> swear he's trying to learn. I'm sure these camera gizmos would be a useful
> supplement to what the dog does, telling me if I'm going somewhere new what
> the street signs say, etc.. I wonder who on earth would be prepared to sit
> there narrating while I have a 4-hour trip to town - great idea, and I'm
> sure the technology is up to it, but probably difficult to achieve the
> staffing levels you'd need. You'd need some pretty snazzy cameras to see
> everything you'd need to see if you relied on something like an Eyecam.
> Vince.
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