[access-uk] Re: Temp folders

  • From: "Douglas Harrison" <harrisondf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 18:08:52 +0100

Sorry, but I may have misled you here.  I mis-read your original message as 
referring to 
c:\ whereas you actually said c:\Windows.  I have a Temp folder there, with a 
hundred kb in it, but it still does not explain why Disk Cleanup says "0" for 
the Temp 


On 26 Jul 2004 at 16:25, Mark Matthews wrote:

> \Hmm thanks Douglas. Maybe this suggests then that there is a slight
> difference to how XP Home and pro handles these?
> Cheers,
> Mark
> Mark Matthews
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> Mark,
> I cannot answer your question directly, but there are some very strange
> things about=20 Temp and Temporary internet files. On my XP Pro system
> there is no Temp in c:\ but there is one along with Temporary=20 Internet
> Files in c:\My documents and settings\administrator\Local = Settings, and
> both=20 containseveral mb of data. .  =20 However if I run the Disk
> Cleanup utility it reports that the space = which can be=20 recovered by
> deleting Temp files is zero!  So perhaps it is looking for = a Temp folder
> in=20 c:\.
> Douglas


Douglas Harrison

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