[access-uk] Telephone Issues

  • From: "Theresa Hodge" <theresa.hodge@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2005 12:03:39 +0100

Hi All

A while ago there was some discussion on the list about the website
www.saynoto0870 .com.  I have had a look at this website and managed to find
the geographical number between my bank's telephone banking number - but I
got through to a real person instead of the usual automated one - ie a named
person in Customer Services.

For a while our home telephone number has been registered with Telephone
Preference Service and for a while we seemed to stop getting phone calls
from cold-calling sales people.  However, this has recently started again.
When I ask them where they got my number from (as I'm registered with
Telephone Preference and ex-directory), I'm told that their database
contains all telephone numbers whether they're ex-directory or not.  In the
last couple of cases I've asked for a contact number where I can get in
touch with someone to discuss this issue.  Someone from Kitchens Direct gave
me a telephone number which, when I rang it one evening, I got an answering
machine message that said I was through to a company called Cornbrook.  I
haven't yet rung them back to find out what their connection is with
Kitchens Direct!  Today Zenith Daybright gave me a phone number that I could
ring to get my number removed and assured me that I would speak to a
person - but on ringing them I only had the opportunity of entering my phone
number into an automated system, at which point I was told it would be
hidden from their records and thank you for calling.

I'm wondering where companies get these lists of all phone numbers, even if
they're ex-directory.  On the saynoto0870.com website I noticed a link where
it appeared that if a member, people could search for anything in the US
public records register, including getting access to any unlisted numbers,
and I'm wondering if there's something similar in this country.

I've heard recently about something called BT Privacy.  On phoning BT today
there was a number to ring to register for BT Privacy, but ringing it didn't
enable me to speak to anyone, just enter my phone number into an automated
system.  What is this service?  Do we have to pay for it?

Enough of my rantings for now!!

Theresa Hodge

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