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Hi Sayka,
could you please contact me privately at
I'd also be very interested in hearing from anyone who has good and bad
experiences of Talks provision.  Please write privately again to the
same address.  
Cheers now.

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        OK, here's what I know about Talks and the different networks,
some of it is personal experience, some I've heard from other people. 
        I know for a fact that Vodafone do offer it for free.  They
bought up loads of Talks licences a while back and offer them only if
someone asks.  Even then, you have to contact a specific person at
Vodafone who can do it for you, the rest haven't a clue what it is or
what it does.  Its a fact they keep quiet though and I only found out
purely by chance.  However one tip, don't send your phone off to them so
that they can install it.  I've heard they muck it up good and proper if
left to their own devices so I didn't take the chance.  Instead, send
them the imi number of your phone and they'll send you back (after lots
of prodding) a licence code.  You're much better off installing talks
yourself with sighted assistance than trusting Vodafone to do it for
        I was with Orange before switching to Vodafone and did have
Wildfire.  to say it drove me round the bend, is probably and
understatement, I had it switched off after a few days.  I found their
customer service much better than that of Vodafone although at the end,
they were not very nice, especially when they realised I was leaving
their network. 
        Apparently, O2 are dithering about whether to offer Talks for
free or not although I suspect their motives have more to do with the
rivalry between themselves and Vodafone rather than  a wish to help
visually impaired people.  Again their customer service is ok, but I
still say that overall Oranges was the best.  I was with O2 for four
years before switching to Orange.  One thing to note though is that both
O2 and Vodafone offer the 1471 service for free.  I found this very
helpful especially when I didn't have talks on my phone. 
        All three offer Braille billing.  I don't know anything about
either TMobile or Virgin and the services they offer other than the fact
that neither offers the 1471 service. 
        I hope this helps 
        Sayka Hussain 

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                and I don't know if Stev's updated his site since the
last time I checked so in case he hasn't the software alsow works with
the Nokia 6680, 6681 and 6682.

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                        The list of phones that run Talx are either on
Steve Nutt's site www.comproom.co.uk or the Talx site.

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                                Please note the change of subject
heading to reflect my focus here, which is, what phones will run Talx
now;  and what's the position with the various networks and provision of
Talx capable phones on Pay AS you Go or contract?  All this arises of
course out of the Wild Fire being put out, so Orange customers are
naturally interested in the alternatives.
                                Personal emails:  Email me at

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                                From: Justin R
                                I'm pretty sure this isn't an option
with Virgin mobile.  With my experience of making enquiries about
joining Virgin and, explaining that I couldn't sign up straight away and
buy one of their selected phones due to the talx issue.  
                                They seem to understand what I meant
when I mentioned the talx software.  HOwever, if they did sell any
phones with talx put on them, they'd have said I've no doubt.
                                I think only Vodafone are the ones that
offer talx ready phones.  Orange seem clued up on with the talx
software, having spoken about it with their customer service on several
occasions and, at the Orange shop.  
                                If you wanna go with one particular
network and don't want vodafone, you'll have to buy talx separately from
your phone.

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                                From: James O'Dell
                                Can anyone else clarify what the
situation with the various networks and Talx is?  I'm thinking of
getting a phone with Talx and I'm not sure what the best deal is at the
moment.  Is it better to buy Talx separately, or can you get it as part
of a package with a network?


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