[access-uk] Re: Talx, mobile networks and Talx capable phones: (WasRe: Re: Wildfire to be put out)

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MessageI have spoken to Mike Ducksbury at Vodaphone today, he confirmed that 
vodaphone provide a range of S60 and 80 phones with Talx. You get the phone 
with the contract you want as normal and they provide it with Talx free. He 
also confirmed they have purchased a batch of nokia 6600 phones and will be 
providing them pay as you go with talx for £130 - this offer will be available 
in a couple of weeks. They will also be showing their products at Sight 
Village. He particularly recommended the Nokia 6680 with talx which is more 
expensive but he reports VIPs have found allows them excelent access to a wider 
range of functions.
   I have not heard back from Orange yet about whether they are going to offer 
Talx to existing customers of Wildfire.
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  The list of phones that run Talx are either on Steve Nutt's site 
www.comproom.co.uk or the Talx site.

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    Please note the change of subject heading to reflect my focus here, which 
is, what phones will run Talx now;  and what's the position with the various 
networks and provision of Talx capable phones on Pay AS you Go or contract?  
All this arises of course out of the Wild Fire being put out, so Orange 
customers are naturally interested in the alternatives.

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      I'm pretty sure this isn't an option with Virgin mobile.  With my 
experience of making enquiries about joining Virgin and, explaining that I 
couldn't sign up straight away and buy one of their selected phones due to the 
talx issue.  

      They seem to understand what I meant when I mentioned the talx software.  
HOwever, if they did sell any phones with talx put on them, they'd have said 
I've no doubt.

      I think only Vodafone are the ones that offer talx ready phones.  Orange 
seem clued up on with the talx software, having spoken about it with their 
customer service on several occasions and, at the Orange shop.  

      If you wanna go with one particular network and don't want vodafone, 
you'll have to buy talx separately from your phone.

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        Can anyone else clarify what the situation with the various networks 
and Talx is?  I'm thinking of getting a phone with Talx and I'm not sure what 
the best deal is at the moment.  Is it better to buy Talx separately, or can 
you get it as part of a package with a network?


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