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Thank you Steve
Very helpful.

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  It sounds like you either have predictive turned off, or if not, if you hit 
space after the word, the guessing won't happen.  In this case, you would need 
to move the cursor back to the word, then start pressing star.  This will cycle 
through each word that the dictionary guesses.  If you want to bring up the 
list, press the Talks key twice, you will hear Edit.  Then go down to the 
Dictionary submenu, select it, and one of the options is matches.  Select that, 
and you will have a list of suggestions.  To turn off the dictionary, press 
hash twice, and to turn it on again, press hash twice.

  I think that about covers it.  T9 is fantastic if you know how to manipulate 
it.  It is a lot quicker to write texts.

  All the best 
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  I am trying to learn how to use the predictive dictionary with the Nokia 6630 
and Talx 2.514. 
  If the word produced is not correct how do you bring up the list of 
alternatives? I have looked in the manual and it says to press the star/plus 
key. When I do that I simply get a list of possible punctuation. What am I 
doing wrong.

  Thanks for any help.

  Peter Bentley

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