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Hi Carol

Ours is a small ordinary machine with two dials on it.  One allows you to
turn it to however many minutes you want, and the other dial is for varying
the power.  Both dials are mechanical and have points on them which you can
feel.  It only cost £60, but it does what we need for heating up porridge
etc.  My Cobolt microwave didn't last that long for the little use it had,
and I prefer this model as it is nice and quiet without all the chatter
first thing in the morning! (smile).  If you are in the market for something
that basic, I'll get the model for you, I can't remember offhand.

Kind regards,

Jackie Brown
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The RNIB have started to supply and, it's a bit vague, but I think it's
probably the same old microwave at the same old price, and I can't remember
what that is off the top of my head.
We are considering looking for a replacement elsewhere and not necessarily a
speaking model.  Anyone out there found anything they're using with beeps,
or just the old dialer that you have to time individually?
Carol P

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        Hi All,


        I’ve had my Cobalt talking microwave for some 10 years and looking
to renew.

        Can anyone advise is Cobalt the best supplier or do we in the UK
have anyone else that supplies the same product at a more reasonable price?






        Kindest Regards


        Scott Cunningham MBE



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