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hi all.

I would seriously question the sense of having a talking microwave at all.

You can still get microwaves with twisty dials on it rather than push buttons 
so you can work out the time setting by how far you turn the timer knob.  The 
power setting on these models is also a twisty knob so yu can work out which 
power setting you are on..  You do lose the abilit to set the microwave to cook 
different kinds of foods but considering you pay the best part of £200 for the 
product where as the none talking equivalent is available for about £50, even 
for an 800 wat version, you have to ask whether the extra cash is really worth 

If you just want to turn the thing and be told when the time is up, you can get 
a talking kitchen timer from Cobolt Systems for £9.99 with a female voice or a 
model with a better voice that costs £30. 


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  I'd like to know if there are any others, other than Cobolt's, I know of some 
people, myself included who've had problems with the ones purchased from 
Cobolt, unfortunately, just after the warranty's ran out.


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    Is the LG talking microwave still available, and if so, could anyone advise 
me where to purchase one?  Apart from Cobolt, are there any other talking 
microwaves available?

    Many thanks.

    Margaret Smith


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