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Hi Philip

I'll let you know how I get on with Old Sherlock at least.  What I found 
difficult with Voila was keeping the labels still while I tried to scan them.  
I agree there is a knack, but I never got it (smile).  It used to infuriate me 
when it said "bye-bye" all the time because I didn't scan quickly enough.  I 
would also be interested to hear what people think of the Milestone add-on.  I 
tend to use Braille or memory for identifying things, or my own filing system 
that has always worked a treat.

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  Hi Jackie,
      I have had the Voila for years and have been quite pleased with it. At 
least it's better than an old buffer like me struggling with Braille.
  I would be interested if anyone has experience with the RFID tag readers such 
as the Tellmate or the add on for the Milestone.  They seem like a good idea as 
the reader only has to be close to the label and not in touch, as the Voila 

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    Hi Andrew

    I was offered, and I don't look a gift horse in the mouth (smile).

    I didn't like Voila either.  I could have thrown it out the window and into 
my neighbour's flower beds to be honest.  But I'll give this a go and see how 
we get on.

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      Hi Jackie,

      A freebee  from the Society, hmmm, now I am shocked!!  Well done, how did 
you manage that? <Smile>

      I have a Voila, but don't think much of it to be honest!
      All the best

      Secrets That We Keep Audio Book by David Caldwell:-

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      Has anyone used the Sherlock Talking Label Identifier from Caretec, or 
know much about it please?  It seems our Society has been given a new one 
through donation which the CEO has offered Ian and I because, in his words, we 
are about the most technically savvy to possibly get something out of it.  The 
only identifier I've ever seen is the Voila.

      I'm picking up my new toy tomorrow, so if anyone knows of a good set of 
accessible destructions, or has used one of these contraptions, please do let 
me know as I'm somewhat intrigued and delighted.  It's very rare to be offered 
a freebee in this way, and I do like Caretec products.

      Many thanks.


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