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they've already under estimated the take up! so doesn't bode well for the 
future stability. apparently take up was 5 times greater than they'd planned 
for. there's an article about it on 

and as for an 18 month contract! they can go jump in the nearest river. we had 
the original talktalk phone service briefly last year and i wouldn't touch them 
with a barge pole unless i had concrete evidence their customer services so far 
as disabled persons goes has improved out of sight! no punn intended! smile.
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  It looks like a "bleeding" contest to see who can stand the longest without 
falling over.  There is likely to be a hidden gotcha in there somewhere.  Is it 
really sustainable and will it stand the huge rush of potential customers 
joining.the service at once assuming they are in the 75 percent of the country 
where it can be had.


  Tristram Llewellyn
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    Hi All
    Just wondered if anyone had comments or had signed up for the Talk Talk 
service offering free broadband http://www.talktalk.co.uk/ 

    Support Scotland's Bid to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow - 
visit www.glasgow2014.com

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