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The trouble with plus talk is that you are again using your bandwidth and may 
exceed allocation or your capped limit.  Also, the calls are not free unless it 
is to a piered partner company or another plus talk user.  You will also need 
to obtain one of their free numbers, you can not use your existing number.  I 
believe this is because it, like skype, is a voice over I.P. system.

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  It happens that I'm pretty pleased with what I've got, and I would look at 
Plus Net were I to be wanting an incusive internet-phone deal, but I'm sure Id 
be paying more than what's being talked about here.

  Also, is this the deal where you have a 40Gb limit for your monthly usage?  
If it is, then I contend that, if you are doing a lot of phoning, and listening 
to internet radio then very likely you will be paying more for exceding that 
limit.  Let's face it, as blind users maybe we do more internet chat, listening 
to radio etc. than many other users.

  PeoPeople may well rush lemming like over this particular cliff, but I'd say 
watch out for service levels and future price hikes.

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    It looks like a "bleeding" contest to see who can stand the longest without 
falling over.  There is likely to be a hidden gotcha in there somewhere.  Is it 
really sustainable and will it stand the huge rush of potential customers 
joining.the service at once assuming they are in the 75 percent of the country 
where it can be had.


    Tristram Llewellyn
    Sight and Sound Technology
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      Hi All
      Just wondered if anyone had comments or had signed up for the Talk Talk 
service offering free broadband http://www.talktalk.co.uk/ 

      Support Scotland's Bid to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow - 
visit www.glasgow2014.com


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