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Hi Ibrahim thanks for the clarrification. I was experiencing quite a lot of 
dropped calls and it was just getting embarrassing. I noticed this since I 
moved house last September. The other services were fine and WF sometimes would 
not work and calculate a route because I just use to get blank spots on certain 
roads. I use WF quite a lot mainly for judging distances so I know my stop is 
approaching. I do struggle a bit without WF as my eye sight isn't as good as 
what it was around 4 years ago. I can't instantly spot landmarks out of the 
window if the bus is travelling faster than usual. 
My Twitter page is www.twitter.com/saqib1975
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Hi Saqib.

My brother is on Virgin which uses the t-mobile network, and he doesn't have 
any issues using wayfinder on those increasingly rare occasions he uses it.  If 
t-mobile are giving you a web and walk package, I can't see there being a 
problem as wayfinder communicates with its servers using standard internet 

All the best and sorry to hear you had to move networks.
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  Hi. Is there anyone who uses Wayfinder on their T-Mobile phones. I'm 
switching to T-Mobile and I would like to know if this network blocks the use 
of Wayfinder? I know there is one network that actually does this but I can't 
remember which one it is. It may be O2. The plan I've chosen includes Web & 
Walk. I get poor coverage on some routs with Three so I have chosen to go back 
to T-Mobile after 4 years. 
  My Twitter page is www.twitter.com/saqib1975
  MSN Saqib500@xxxxxxxxxxx 

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