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The sample of the new Bradley watch arrived with me from the US earlier this 
afternoon.  Here are first impressions.

It certainly looks and feels like an innovative approach to telling the time by 
touch.  Both the packaging and the explanatory leaflet come with very good 
quality grade 2 American Braille.  However, there is no instruction manual of 
any sort.  Having said that, it's difficult to know why one would be needed.  
the watch takes its time from the Atomic clock and so in theory should never 
need to be altered.  However, I've asked the manufacturer to clarify whether 
there is a way of doing this manually.

There is a large button at the three o'clock position on the outer rim, just 
where the winder or time changer would be on a regular watch.  I've also asked 
the manufacturer to clarify what the function of this button is.

The top face is not covered by glass.  It has an outer ring which contains the 
hour/minute markers which are quite bold and proud of the surface.  They are 
also silver and shiny which contrast pretty well with the dull metal grey of 
the finish of the face.  Then there's a clearly defined circular groove which 
runs round the face and this contains one ball bearing which moves and tells 
the minutes.  The inner part of the face is blank.

Around the outer rim, effectively on the side rather than the top of the watch 
is another groove which contains another ball bearing.  This one tells the 
hours.  At first glance, this appears to me slightly counter intuitive in terms 
 of how you tell the time.

The review sample I've been sent has a metal strap and I'm finding the catch 
slightly tricky.

I'll write more in buy review for the Disability Now website and post a link to 
this list.  I'm also talking to the guy for whom the Bradley was designed and 
after whom it's named next week and will record an interview with him .  this 
too will likely appear on the DN site.

I'm always a sucker for gadget and the gimmicky the better, but I'm reserving 
judgement on how well it works as a means of telling the time until I've given 
it a fairer test.  intuitive

Ian Macrae
Disability Now
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