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Hi Steve,

you've saved me a job there because I was going to write something along
those lines - thanks - works with Jaws as well - the other thing to mention
is that you can book your delivery slot at any time during the shop, as long
as you check it out within two hours - whereas on the access site you can
only do it at the end..


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> Hi Wally,
> That is the most difficult part.  But i tend to kind of count the
> links.  For example, you get all the days of the week, then you might have
> only four links below each two hour slot.  This means that today, tomorrow
> and the next day may not be available, but the next four days will be.
> more links you have (up to 7) the more days available for that two hour
> slot.  That's the best I can explain it, but it is certainly possible with
> Window-Eyes and JFW.
> All the best

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