[access-uk] Re: TESCO - DECISION MADE

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  • Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 06:30:02 +0100

If there are special offers that are available on the main site and not on the 
access site then this could constitute discrimination.  I can't imagine that 
Tesco would leave themselves open to this.  However, although it is only 
anecdotal so far, it seems that they have.  If anyone has any concrete evidence 
of this they could contact trading standards.  However, this might have one of 
two consequences: On one hand they might sort out the access site so that it 
has the same offers as the main site or, as I feel is more likely, they would 
close the access site.
Barry H
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  Hi  Sandra

  >Carol, I haven't actually tried the main site, although they seem to have
  >made some changes which has made it easier to use.  The access
  >site is still the easier of the two,

  I also find the access site far easier.

  > I'm not sure that all the offers are always available.

  To be fair though, how many of you are always aware  of special offers
  adverts in the press?

  Ande lets face it, walk through any town city, and one can be sure there
  are shop windoew signs, but would any of you know what they say?

  Oh and why do we have  DLA? is it not to help with the extra costs  of being


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