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  • Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 10:37:31 +0100

Hi Adrian, and interesting you mention the free screen reader.  Its most
likely the developments being promoted by Roger Wilson-Hines of
Choice technology at:

Interestingly, a presentation by Roger Wilson Hines and Paul Blenkhorn,
(ex-Dolphin software developer)was given at Vision 2005 and some of the
thinking of Roger - and the powers that be - is summarised at:


Sorry for the long, wrapping URL but it should work alright.

From Ray
I can be contacted off-list at:

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 Doris - might be worth holding out for a little bit longer as a UK based
 low-cost access solution company are launching a free screenreader in
 July. Afraid I don't at this point in time know any more that that.

 Adrian Higginbotham
 Accessibility and inclusion adviser

 Oh, I'm not talking about the demo version. I have played around with
 the trial version here for a bit without ever activating a freedom box
 trial account and system access ran in 20-minute demo mode.

 I was asking about the full version of access like the version that
 comes on a usb stick. i have no intention or interst to suscribe to the
 freedombox network but am looking for a screen access solution that is
 portable and easy to use and works on all version of widnows.
 system access promises to do just that and I was wondering if one spent
 the US$395 or US$595 for the passkey or usb drive version, if system
 access would continue to work as a standlone screenreader and not just
 in demo mode. I don't care about upgrades at tthis point and of course
 if upgrades are not paid for, I wouldn't expect to get them just as I
 don't expect FS to pass out free full upgrades to their product. <g>

 It's just cool that System Access works without need for a wideo hook.
 If Microslop had done a decent job on Narrator, Narrator could be doing
 the same thing.

 Thanks much.


 At 07:00 PM 5/19/2006 +0100, you wrote:

 >My trial is about to run out, so might be able to let you know in a
 >couple of days.
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 >Sent: Friday, May 19, 2006 4:01 AM
 >Subject: [access-uk] Re: System Access
 >>I am a little late getting in on this thread.
 >>I would like to know if System Access can be used as a screenreader
 >>independent of a current account with the Freedom Box network, i.e.
 >>will system access continue to function as a screenereader once the
 >>subscription to Freedom Box has expired?
 >>Thanks much.
 >>At 11:06 PM 5/18/2006 +0100, you wrote:
 >>>Hi Vince,
 >>>I have more crashes with JAWS when I use it, than System Access.
 >>>All the best
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 >>>Email:  mailto:Steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 >>>Web site:  http://www.comproom.co.uk
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 >>>Subject: [access-uk] Re: System Access
 >>>Yes, Ted, and it's one of the reasons I'm probably not going to buy
 >>>into the Freedom Box thing, nice as it is in many ways.
 >>>It seems to happen when I'm trying to do several things at a time and

 >>>memory is a bit short. But I've had freeze-ups with System Access
 >>>that are more serious, and that's a real put-=off, or even off-put.
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 >>>From: "Ted Martin" <tedmart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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 >>>Sent: Thursday, May 18, 2006 4:48 PM
 >>>Subject: [access-uk] Re: System Access
 >>> > That's right Steve, but Frank was asking how to launch system
 >>> access > when
 >>> > starting windows.
 >>> >
 >>> > The only trouble I have with S-A is when using it without Freedom
 >>> > Box, which is most of the time, it sometimes stops talking for no
 >>> > apparent reason.  Do you ever get that?
 >>> >
 >>> > Ted
 >>> >
 >>> > At 21:35 17/05/06, you wrote:
 >>> >
 >>> >>And if you already have System Access running, you can get to
 >>> the >>System
 >>> >>Access properties, by pressing Caps Lock and F, or any of the
 >>> >>System Access modifier keys with F.  That bit was covered in the
 >>> >>review.
 >>> >>
 >>> >>All the best
 >>> >>--
 >>> >>Computer Room Services:  the long cane for blind computer users.
 >>> >>Telephone Low-call:  08452 606 277
 >>> >>International:  +44(0)1438 742286,
 >>> >>Fax:  +44(0)1438 759589
 >>> >>mobile:  +44(0)7956 334938,
 >>> >>Email:  mailto:Steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Web site:
 >>> >>http://www.comproom.co.uk
 >>> >>
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 >>> >>Ted Martin
 >>> >>Sent: 17 May 2006 20:57
 >>> >>To: access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
 >>> >>Subject: [access-uk] Re: System Access
 >>> >>
 >>> >>Frank, in Freedom Box go to preferences with alt P.  There you
 >>> can >>choose
 >>> >>when you want System Access to start.
 >>> >>Ted
 >>> >>
 >>> >>
 >>> >>At 19:58 17/05/06, you wrote:
 >>> >> >Hi, Listers!
 >>> >> >
 >>> >> >Anybody know how to get System Access by Freedombox to start
 >>> >> >automatically as Windows starts, please?
 >>> >> >
 >>> >> >The excellent review on the latest Infotec doesn't appear to
 >>> >> >have covered this as System Access was already running.
 >>> >> >
 >>> >> >Thanks for your help.
 >>> >> >
 >>> >> >
 >>> >> >
 >>> >> >
 >>> >> >--
 >>> >> >Frank - blind as a bat and proud of it too.
 >>> >> >frank.haslam1@xxxxxxxxxxxx
 >>> >> >

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