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Ah! Thanks Andrew, that's good news then as I need satogo for websites with 
buttons that JFW refuses to see!

Regards -

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  Hi there s a to go is just the screen reader side of it this has no time 
limit but if this is not used for months your log in details are deleted as for 
the mobile network with all the movies and stuff that is just a 30 day demo to 
see if you like it before paying for it Hope this helps best wishes Andrew 
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    Hi all -

    Is satogo free to use indefinitely, or does it have a valuation period? 
I've been using system access now and again, using a password and account 
number, but when I tried today, got a message telling me my free trial of 
System Access To Go Mobile account had expired. Is there a difference between 
the mobile flavour and the ordinary satogo? -



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