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There are 4 products, System Access to go, System Access, System Access mobile and the System Access mobile network. System Access to go satogo is a screen reader that can be run on your computer by visiting www.satogo.com and following the instructions, I find it easy to setup. It is a full screen reader but you need to go to the site to use it. Once it is loaded it functions as a full screen reader until you shut it or your computer down. System Access is a full screen reader that you install normally and includes 2 licences for example your main desktop and a laptop. System Access mobile is the same as System Access mentioned above with the added extra of a licence to install System Access on a U3 enabled drive. U3 is a technology on some flash drives that lets you run certain programs when you plug it into your USB port. System Access can run automatically making it very useful. The System Access mobile network is an online network with a number of features, some of which include audio described movies, a socialiser to to message people on MSN, the mobile network and facebook and I think others and community forums you can post in. There is much more to it but others could sell it better than me as I can't remember off the top of my head.

I hope that helps you work out what each product is and does.


At 09:14 16/01/2009, you wrote:
Can anyone explain the differences between, Satogo, System Access and System Access Mobile Network? The first of these is free, What is the difference in the last two? I have seen varying prices quoted for these programs, Some clarification would be welcome.
Thanks, Roy.
Joyce and Roy G4GPX
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