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Oh many thanks,


I'll give that a go and come back to you.  It'll have to be tomorrow now, as
I want to write that lot down and get my daughter to read it to me as I go,


I'll report back tomorrow, and many thanks.




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ok, this could be one of two things.  one, the graphics card is bust, or
two, explorer.  exe is not loaded.  let's try the second one.


go to task manager with control shift delete.  then to processes tab, then
tab to the list of processes and press e until you hear explorer.exe, alt
and e on this, and answer yes.  then tab back to processes tab and arrow
left to applications tab, press alt and n, then alt and b, and shift tab to
the file list.  back space twice, and press w for windows, press enter, then
press e for explorer.  press enter.  then tab a couple of times until you
hear ok.  you might find one of two things now, either you are dumped into
the desktop, or back into task manager.  if the latter, press alt and f4 to
get out of that, then alt and m.  if this doesn't bring up icons, it
probably means your graphics card is bust, or has become unseated, which is
a hardware issue.  






Hope to hear from you soon.


From Martin.


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Subject: [access-uk] Strange Behaviour of a Computer 



Wonder if anyone can help me.  My daughter has a rather strange problem on
her computer, and to be honest I'm stuck as to what to do.


When I turn it on, Jaws loads fine, but I cannot access anything else, the
start menu, desktop, and windows explorer do not respond, and my daughter
says the screen is blank, it's on, but showing no icons whatsoever.


Windows is loaded, I think, but I am now stuck as to what to do.


It's running Windows Xp, I can't remember what version of jaws, as my
daughter is sighted I just keep jaws on as a backup in case she gets stuck,
like now, smiles.


Anyone got any ideas on this.


Many thanks.



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