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  • Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2006 10:35:19 +0000

Hi Richard and everyone,

Richard, the standard letter from AtW authorizing purchase of equipment, 
indicates that AtW do not own any equipment purchased.  Since the 
purchase would normally be made by an employer, ownership would 
presumably rest with the employer.  This is why it is best for someone 
in employment to have their AtW equipment purchased by their employer.  
The specific paragraphs from the AtW Guidelines read as follows:

77    Under the rules for Access to Work, revised form June 1996, we 
will not own equipment procured through the programme.  This applies 
even if we pay 100% of the support costs.
78    If the employer is the cost sharer (likely in most cases), they 
will own the equipment.
79    If the beneficiary or some other party other than the employer, is 
the cost sharer, the beneficiary will be the owner.
80    The owner will be responsible for insurance, repair and 
maintenance of the equipment.

So if you're intending to go fully self-employed, you have to ensure it 



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